What is a car broker?

A car broker is a buying agent, who will act on your behalf to source and negotiate a price for a new or used motor vehicle. A broker receives a fee for these services from the supplying dealer.

What can Car Search do that I can’t?

Get the best price, without the run-around. We purchase hundreds of vehicles a year, giving us maximum buying power. Our experience and dealers licence allows us to get the best price on your new or used vehicle, including any trade-in.

How do I know Car Search is looking out for my best interests?

Since 1979 Car Search has been the industry leader with over 40% of our business coming from satisfied repeat clients. Car Search works as your buying agent and has everything to gain by serving you, not the dealer. We work off low margin high-turnover. Success in the brokerage industry is based on referral business.
Our success depends on you.

Where does Car Search buy its used vehicles?

As a licensed dealer we are able to purchase vehicles direct from wholesalers and dealers passing those savings on to you.

I want to buy a used car how do I know it will be roadworthy?

As a licensed brokerage we are committed to ensuring the quality of the vehicles we supply. Almost all of the vehicles purchased through Car Search are independently inspected.

What about warranty for a used car?

Eligible used vehicles supplied by Car Search are covered by a statutory warranty. We can also supply extended warranties at very reasonable prices.

How does Car Search get paid?

We receive a fee from the supplying dealer.

How does Car Search get the “Best Possible Price” on a new car?

For a dealer to provide us with the best price they need to know that we have a committed purchaser, so we need your authority to allow us to broker your deal completely. We also need to know what price you are prepared to pay for your new vehicle.
New car dealers understand our buying process. They know that we will get quotes from their
competitors so right from the start they will provide us with their “best price.”
The more information we have, the better equipped we are to work for you.

If I purchase a new vehicle through Car Search will my new car warranty be affected?

No! Car Search works as your buying agent, purchasing the vehicle through a new car franchised dealer. In fact by purchasing a new vehicle through Car Search you have the backing of a bulk buyer, ensuring any concerns you do have regarding your warranty will be heard.

When I get a new car price what is included?

Car Search will give you a complete “drive away” price on your new vehicle request.

I live in a regional area. Can I still use Car Search?

Since 1979 Car Search has been supplying vehicles all over Australia. Because we send vehicles to regional areas on a regular basis we are able to transport vehicles at very reasonable prices.

Do I have to see a dealer?

No! The reason so many people use Car Search is so they don’t have to see a dealer.

Can I test drive the vehicle before I purchase it?

We are able to organise test drives for new and used vehicles without you even having to step foot in a dealership or, sometimes, even leave your home.

Should I research the new car price?

We encourage you to have an idea of what you want and how much you are willing to pay. Most manufacturers list their retail prices on the internet or in the paper, but be aware these prices don’t include all of your on-road and statutory costs as they differ from state to state.

Where does Car Search’s responsibility start and finish?

Once you have made that initial enquiry our responsibility to you as a client begins. Our commitment to you extends past finding you the right vehicle. We care about what our customers want and once we have delivered your new or used vehicle we contact you again to get your feedback on our service and how we can improve.

How long till I get my car?

When purchasing a new vehicle delivery times can vary depending on the stock available to the market. Most vehicles, if in stock, are available for delivery within two to three days. Again depending on what type of vehicle you require the time sourcing your used vehicle can vary. Most used vehicles are located and delivered within a week.  For any interstate deliveries, time frames are largely reliant on the transportation company.  If in doubt please contact your broker for an update on your vehicles progress.