Car Broker FAQs

Find out how our knowledgeable and highly experienced car brokers can help you buy or sell your car. We take the hassle out of finding a great car at a great value price! Whether you’re buying a car, selling your car or trading one in. Talk to us today to get expert advice before making any decisions.

  • What is a car broker?

  • What can Car Search Brokers do that I can't?

  • How do I know Car Search Brokers will look out for my best interests?

  • Where does Car Search Brokers buy its used vehicles?

  • I want to buy a used car, how do I know it will be roadworthy?

  • What about warranty for a used car?

  • How does Car Search Brokers get paid?

  • How does Car Search get the "Best Possible Price" on a new car?

  • If I purchase a new vehicle through Car Search will my new car warranty be affected?

  • When I get a new car price what is included?

  • I live in a regional area. Can I still use Car Search?

  • Do I have to see a dealer?

  • Can I test drive the vehicle before I purchase it?

  • Should I research the new car price?

  • Where does Car Search's responsibility start and finish?

  • How long till I get my car?