What you need to know about eco-friendly cars


Last month we wrote an article on the downfall of diesel vehicles within the industry. While these cars aren't disappearing from Australian roads yet, there’s no denying eco-friendly cars will only continue to increase in popularity. So what does a greener car industry look like? What is an eco-friendly vehicle?...

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The Downfall of Diesel Vehicles

Diesel fuel vehicles have fallen slightly in popularity to 45% of Australians saying they would consider buying a diesel fuel vehicle, down from 50% recorded two years ago. Australians who mostly drive diesel vehicles shows 1.13 million residing in capital cities, and another 1.10 million in country areas. The car...

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How to start living the ‘Van life’

Does the idea of lengthy road trips appeal to you? Are you even more excited when you add in the idea of driving a van that also serves as your living quarters? If so then the ‘van life’ may be perfect for you! If you have ever wanted to explore...

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6 Simple Tips for Safe Driving (& Avoiding Frustrations) this Christmas

As the school holidays quickly approach, the roads will continually become busier leading up to the Christmas break. Here are our best tips for keeping your cool when travelling in traffic this summer. 1- Early bird catches the worm Getting an early start to help beat the rush can often relieve...

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Tips for safer long distance driving

Safety long distance driving

Heading into the Christmas holiday season means that roads are only going to become busier. Unfortunately, this increase in traffic results in more accidents, injuries, and in some cases fatalities. So whether you are planning a long trip to visit family or are heading on a road trip any other...

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Create your own emergency car kit

Emergency kit for your car

If you have ever experienced a car breakdown or accident you will know the situation can be quite stressful. Being equipped with a few handy items can help you avoid some of the stress that comes from such situations. Carrying an emergency kit in your car may help keep you...

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Tips for teaching a learner how to drive

Teaching learners how to drive tips

By the time you are teaching your son, daughter, or family friend how to drive, you’ve probably had your licence for many years. While you probably have extensive driving experience, it is not unusual to feel a bit overwhelmed or inadequately equipped with the idea of teaching someone else to...

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Why you need a dashcam now more than ever

Importance of a dashcam

A picture is worth a thousand words and having footage after an accident can help you with any sticky insurance claims. Today’s modern cars are manufactured with high levels of safety. Cars are manufactured with built-in collision systems that are intentionally designed to crumple when there is a significant impact....

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EOFY – Best Opportunities to Buy a New Car

EOFY - Best opportunities to buy a new car

When looking for a car we have all heard: “There has never been a better time to buy.” Although it may be hard to believe, when it comes to End of Financial Year (EOFY) sales the phrase is pretty accurate. While the weather is getting colder, the competition between car...

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Top Tips on Cutting Down Your Fuel Bill

With petrol prices climbing like they have been lately, it’s worth looking at ways for cutting down the amount of your hard earned money going towards filling up your car. We’re all feeling the impact, especially the diesel drivers. How are you meant to save on fuel, with high prices...

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