How Does A Car Broker Service Work?

Purchasing a new car

In the past we have explored how a car broker can help you, but the concept of a car broker is still very foreign for a number of people. The actual process is still quite unknown to the general public, which is what we’ll be explaining in more detail throughout...

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What is Depreciation and How Does it Impact My New Car Purchase?

Car depreciation

You’ve probably heard of the term depreciation before, but how do you consider depreciation when purchasing a new car? The dictionary definition of depreciation is ‘a reduction in the value of an asset over time, due in particular to wear and tear.’ Essentially, depreciation refers to the loss in value...

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What to Look for When Inspecting Used Cars

Inspecting a used car

Purchasing a second hand car is a very exciting time for many, particularly if you can find a great deal. Finding a great deal comes down to finding a preloved vehicle that provides a lot of value, which is why inspecting the car first is so important. Inspecting a car...

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Choosing Between a New or Used Car

New or Used Car Comparison

It’s the dilemma most of us will face at least once in a lifetime - when choosing between a new or used car, what’s your best option? Of course, you may have a ‘wishlist’ of features and specifications you’d prefer but for the most part, there will be a few...

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Lemon Laws in Australia & Your Rights as a Car Buyer

Lemon Laws in Queensland

If you have ever had the frustration of buying a new product that’s faulty or doesn’t perform as expected you can no doubt sympathise with anyone who goes through that experience with a new car purchase. While a range of consumer protection rights are already in place, the rights of...

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How to Finance Your New Car & Still Get a Sweet Deal

couple discussing finance for a new car

The idea of driving around in a new car is exciting. From extra reliability and improved technology, through to the all important new-car smell, you have plenty to look forward to. It’s not all fun however. Are you looking forward to spending hours visiting and calling dealers to ensure you...

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How to Sell a Car in Australia While You are Overseas

couple in discussion over car

With more Australians working and travelling overseas you may find yourself in a situation where an overseas stay is unexpectedly extended for a few extra months or even years. Whether you moved overseas for family, work, or adventure, if you won’t be back in Australia for a while you may...

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Guide to Buying a Safe Car in 2016

checklist completed with a pen

When your passengers are your family, safety will no doubt be high on your priority list when buying a new car. Ok cool, you just need to find something that is safe and good value for money right? Sure, when you say it fast it might sound like a breeze....

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SUVs Suitable for Australian Families

kids walking and parents at the back unpacking the booth of the car

There is something appealing about a family car that offers plenty of passenger and cargo space while also giving you the option to head off the bitumen when your heart desires. Car buyers throughout Australia are increasingly choosing SUVs as the everyday family car. SUV sales in Australia now account...

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How to Buy Your First Car in Australia

Young man sitting in first car

Woohoo, it’s time to buy your first car! Just think of the possibilities - coming and going to places as you please, having weekends away, going on road trips. There is a whole new world ready to explore. It’s all very exciting to think about but first you need the...

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