SUVs Suitable for Australian Families

Best SUVs for australian families

There is something appealing about a family car that offers plenty of passenger and cargo space while also giving you the option to head off the bitumen when your heart desires. Car buyers throughout Australia are increasingly choosing SUVs as the everyday family car. SUV sales in Australia now account...

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How to Buy Your First Car in Australia

Young man sitting in first car

Woohoo, it’s time to buy your first car! Just think of the possibilities - coming and going to places as you please, having weekends away, going on road trips. There is a whole new world ready to explore. It’s all very exciting to think about but first you need the...

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Can a Car Broker Help You?

Remember the last time you purchased a car? The new (or slightly newer) car smell. All the bells and whistles. The feeling when you first changed gears without a clunk. The silence instead of squeal when you hit the brakes - pure magic! Go back a little further though, before...

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How to Buy a New Car at a Fair Price

Man and woman in a convertible car

So you have reached that point in life where you can buy a new car. You have haggled in enough car yards, including some that look strangely like front yards. You have been stuck in the “never had a problem” car that needed a clutch repair after three months. You...

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Practical Tips for Buying a Used Car

independent auto broker

We've all been there, standing in the hot sun at the used car dealership listening to the suited salesman sprouting his extensive knowledge on the 2006 Toyota Corolla in “mint condition”. You’re quietly guessing it’s just come back from the panel beater and hasn't been serviced in three years, but...

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