Sell a Car in Australia While You’re Overseas

Selling your car while overseas

Need to sell your car in Australia while you’re overseas? Whether you moved overseas for family, work, or adventure, if you won’t be back in Australia for a while you may want to sell the car you left behind rather than have it sit around collecting dust while costing you money in registration bills, insurance fees and possibly finance payments.

The tricky bit is working out how you are going to sell it while you aren’t here. Selling a car overseas can be a difficult task when you are not around to show the vehicle to others, make negotiations with potential buyers and ensure that you receive correct payment when the sale completes.

However, there is a simple process you can follow to make the car selling process pain free even while you are overseas.

Preparing your paperwork

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Firstly, no sale can be completed without preparing the necessary paperwork including vehicle registration documents and the documents necessary to sell and transfer ownership of the car.

All of these papers will need to be signed by you at some point. It makes sense to prepare the appropriate paperwork as your first step so that it can be kept on file by someone in Australia. That way you will have no unnecessary delays when it comes to completing the sale of your vehicle later on. Whoever holds on to the paperwork is up to you but that person will be essential to handling your business once you are out of the country.

If you have left Australia prior to organising paperwork, that’s ok, you will just need the appropriate forms sent to you so you can have them signed for use by your representative in Australia. Doing this now will ensure there won’t be any lengthy delays or hindrances when a buyer is arranged.

Finding a buyer

Once the official paperwork is in order, you will need to find a buyer who is interested in your car. If you want to organise advertising and handle communications yourself that is an option but can be very difficult to manage while overseas.

Also remember that many potential buyers will not be satisfied by just seeing pictures of your car. They will want to visit the vehicle in person, test drive it and maybe even have it inspected by a mechanic. All those things can be quite difficult when you can’t be physically present with your car.

The easier option is to leave the work involved in finding a buyer with your in-country contact. If you have a friend or relative who is happy to act on your behalf that is something you can consider but not everyone has that option.

Another possibility you may not have considered is using the assistance of a car broker. Having an Australian car broker act as your seller will help ensure the whole sales process is completed smoothly and correctly. There is also an added advantage that some car brokers will be able to keep your car on their premises to save you the cost or hassle of arranging other storage while it is for sale.

Negotiating a fair price

When it comes to the sale price you can expect for your car the usual factors are still in play in terms of its mechanical and cosmetic condition. The usual methods for sale are still up to you as well. This is where it pays to have someone acting on your behalf who can accurately assess the condition of the car and give you the confidence that you can sell for a fair price.2 hands closing a deal

When your potential buyer wants to negotiate the selling price it can be tricky if you are in a different timezone and you are trying to maintain communications from a distance. This is where you will truly appreciate having a contact in Australia who can handle this part of the sale process for you.

Agreeing to a minimum sale price with your selling representative or car broker before they begin advertising and negotiating with potential buyers is probably the easiest option for a smooth sale. That way, once a buyer is found who agrees to a fair price, the transaction can happen smoothly and the payment and delivery can immediately be finalised without hold ups or the possibility of losing the interest of the buyer.

Dealing with payment and delivery

After the negotiations are complete, you will need to have the car released to the new owner. Since you are unable to do that in person, you will need your representative on site to give the keys, finalise transfer documents and complete any other necessary paperwork with the buyer.

Knowing someone who is experienced at selling cars such as a car broker will also be helpful during this part of the process. Your representative can also make sure that the car you are selling is not released into the possession of the buyer until after the correct payment amount has been collected for you.

Car brokers make the process easy

If you have been wondering, “can I sell my car while overseas?” the answer is yes. It may actually be easier than you first thought, especially with the help of a professional.

happy_womanTo find out more about using a car broker to help make the sales process easier for you get in touch with our team at Car Search Brokers. We will be happy to give you more information and answer any questions you have. Our car brokers can help make the entire process simple for you while also negotiating a fair sale price on your behalf.

We will help you complete any necessary paperwork, obtain a fair sale price, and manage the delivery and payment aspects of the transaction. Why make selling a car from overseas more difficult than necessary? Let Car Search Brokers sell your car!

Posted on January 4, 2022 in Car Selling Tips