Why Have SUVs Become So Popular In Australia?

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Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), are better known as the modern people mover. With ample storage, these vehicles are made for adventurers who want to travel off-road or for sleek city folk looking for a smooth ride. Given the model’s versatility, it is no surprise that SUVs are becoming more and more popular in the Australian car market.

In December 2020, SUVs occupied five out of the top ten spots for the best selling cars in Australia. They were also the highest recorded vehicle type purchased in 2019. This growth in popularity has been steadily increasing, with purchases from the city, town and outback. These models are also increasingly popular in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Whether you are looking for a family car or outback adventurer, there is no denying that these stylish and spacious cars are here to stay. Here are a few reasons why SUVs are the number one choice for so many buyers:

More space in a jam

Despite most having off-road capability, inner-city SUVs barely travel outside of a gravel car park. Rather than the adventure, most seek to buy this style of vehicle purely for the space. Short of buying a van or large people movers, SUVs are adaptable and have the space to cram in a weekend beach trip, or fit the kids and all their gear for Saturday sports.

Not only are they popular for their storage, most models boast vast amounts of headroom and legroom to keep all passengers happy. On your next trip to Ikea, you won’t be left standing in the car park wondering how you will fit your new sofa into the back seat when you have an SUV.

Off-road and city capabilities

Some refer to SUVs as the Swiss Army Knife of car models. Most models can be driven on a combination of smooth roads, bad roads, and even in the absence of roads. The SUV will take on all conditions in its stride.

SUVs include a higher ride height beneficial for drivers in the city and out of town. Therefore, drivers are granted insulation from the potholes, kerbs and road plates. The longer suspension also softens the bumps and spares of the bodywork while travelling, keeping passengers and the driver comfortable.

Competitive Pricing

The increase in popularity of SUVs keeps their prices competitive as more manufacturers angle for a slice of pie. Additionally, car manufacturers are continuing to build models of all different sizes to cater to buyers from all lifestyles. Manufacturers are also cherry-picking the best features from hatches, sedans, wagons and off-road vehicles to create SUV models.

Fuel efficiency

Fuel economy has always been an Achilles heel for SUVs due to the model’s weight and aerodynamics. However, as manufacturers continue to develop fuel systems, the gap between these models and sleek sedans narrows.

Finding the right SUV for your needs

There are so many SUVs currently on the market, meaning the price can vary significantly. If you are thinking about buying an SUV as your next car, chat to the friendly team at Car Search Brokers.

We offer independent advice on which models are best suited for your lifestyle and intended use. Even within a specific car type, our brokers can advise you on which upgrades and additional features offer the best value for meeting your needs.

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Posted on February 9, 2021 in Car Buying Tips, New Car Features, Owning A Car